Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sowing Seeds

I promised myself all winter that I was going to create a blog for my garden. Yesterday as I was sowing seeds I decided that since I have now been working with the dirt and plants for nearly two months now that the time was right. I am not sure that anyone will ever find or read this blog, but I plan on using it as a diary for our farm business. Again, it would have been good to have started two months ago, but better late than never (how cliche!)

So, yesterday I did sow some seeds and that is significant because I sowed them outside and it was April 18th. Now, I have never planted anything that early outside, even when we have had warm springs and this does not qualify as a warm spring. Nonetheless, I had the urge and some half-barrels filled with soil situated against my greenhouse just were too tempting and I planted radishes. Who knows if they will grow--I'll keep you posted.

I am doing some other experimenting which seems crazy. I planted some turnips and beets in cell packs in the greenhouse. I don't know if it will work, I've never heard of anyone transplanting root crops before, but there is not much to loose in trying.

I have actually been in my greenhouse for a week and a half now. It is filling up with hanging baskets, bedding plants, trays of onions and celery, and seed trays of other veggies. I have my starting room, a new addition on our house, filled with tomatoes, cucumbers and squash starts. I have also seeded a couple of trays with bush beans in hopes of coaxing some eary green beans for the June markets.

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