Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gardening Mania & a Broken Arm

The last two weeks have been crazy bus around here! There has been endless watering, transplanting, seeding, plowing, pruning and staking. It takes every waking hour right now and some hours that should be devoted to sleep just to keep up! Everything is growing wonderfully and this week we have even gotten some vegetables planted in the ground! The corn we planted two weeks ago is growing fast. It is protected by clear plastic, so last week's winds didn't affect it and this week's sunshine if making it grow. Yesterday we planted some zucchini and put some hoops over it and plastic so it is in a protective tunnel. The tunnel was a good thing because we had a wicked wind and rain storm last night that would have destroyed the zucchini. Planting it this early is definitely a gamble anyway, but I am really anxious for zucchini and the truth is I planted the seeds too early and the plants had to be put in the ground or just thrown out.

Sunday as I was watering the hanging baskets, I tripped and fell and caught myself with my right hand. As luck would have it, I broke my arm. Fortunately it is not a bad break and the Dr. let me use a removable brace instead of a cast. It is annoying, but it could be a lot worse so I'm not complaining.

The hanging baskets are taking over the greenhouse! They are spectacular this year and I am so proud because we started all of the flowers ourselves. It was nice not to have to buy any starts or plugs from out of state because we avoid importing any pesky pests to have to fight! It is great to have a totally pest free greenhouse!

We are having our annual plant sale this Friday and Saturday. Like I said, the hanging baskets are beautiful and we have great bedding plants and veggie starts. Arthur Keyes of Glacier Valley Farm is going to take some of our baskets in to the new Spenard Market in Anchorage, so look for them there.

Well, the sun is shining and the garden is calling. It is time to stop writing and get farming!

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  1. Oh sorry to hear about your arm. I hope you heal up fast.