Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Market

I need to start this post by apologizing for not posting for so long. My broken arm has kept me from doing much on the computer, but it is feeling better now and so I will try to do better.

Tomorrow is our first Farmer's Market of the year and I am excited about it! Last year we sold at the Friday Flings in Palmer and the Wednesday South Anchoarge Market in front of the Dimond Hotel. The Friday Fling started in mid May. This year we decided to concentrate all of our efforts on the Wednesday market and tomorrow is opening day! I must admit I have missed the markets. I love growing everything, but I also love sharing our beautiful produce with all of our customers. Thus, I know that I will not sleep well tonight, I am just like that, I can't sleep when I am excited about something!

I could hardly believe how much we harvested today! June was a very cloudy month and nothing grew quite like it did last year but the early warm days in May seems to have made a big difference! We are bringing the best turnips we've ever grown. They are so juicy that yesterday at lunch Rachel said she thought they were as juicy as pineapple! Well, I'm not sure about that, but they are delicious! I also harvested the earliest new potatoes we have ever grown! I have a goal of digging potatoes in the month of June. I didn't reach it this year, but July 6th isn't far off and there is always next year. I am trying to learn how to grow peppers. We have grown them for years, but this year I am concentrating on doing them right. My efforts are paying off and I have three lovely baskets of sweet green, yellow and hot peppers to bring to the market already. I am also very proud of our collard greens. They are big and so tender!

My six-year-old grandson, Dane, has taken on growing our green onions. He really wants to buy a mountain bike and so his mom has helped him plant onion sets and is teaching him how to harvest. It is the cutest thing to watch him work and he has done a great job. He is proudly bringing his onions to the market tomorrow, if you come you won't be able to resist them.

I hope the weather report for rain tomorrow is wrong and if not, I trust that enough people will come out the the market anyway, if not I will have a trailer full of vegetables to bring home.


  1. Nice Carol, I hope market goes well! We are about to harvest our garlic and the first tomato is turning in the field. Potatoes are big bakers already but man we are not literally baking in 95 degree heat, I want some of that rain you mentioned! We are planning on all coming up in March, so I hope we can get together then maybe a gathering with all the grandkids to play in the snow?? Tell everyone hi from us.

    Eric, Kel, Cole & Sage

  2. DOH!! I mean we ARE baking in the heat!!

  3. Brayden and I will stop by and see you guys today!! I love that Dane is getting into the family growing business...too cute!