Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Smell of Tomatoes

Yesterday I transplanted tomatoes. It was so great! The little seedlings acutally smelled like tomato plants! I also had to plant a few basil seedlings. I can hardly wait until I can have fresh basil on my sandwiches again. I know that this snow makes it look like spring will never come, but actually I reminded my mother that in just three short weeks we will be moving into the greenhouse and planting flower baskets. I guess I need to be reminding my husband about that too as he needs to put the end back on the greenhouse and hook up the gas line for heat. We expanded the greenhouse by 12 feet last fall, but winter set in before we were able to complete the job. Time to start nagging. Life is good, the days are longer, I dream every night of my new plans for the garden.

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